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Top Xmas gifts for 2020

X-mas 2020 t-shirt collection

Hello everyone, the holidays are approaching and Dreams Printer is here to help.

First of all we want to let you know about our holiday order deadline. Place your order before December 11th for the best chance to get it before December 25th. After the 10th of December we can no longer guarantee your order will get to you before Xmas.

Back to our Top Xmas gifts for 2020. We’ve added new designs and will continue adding more during the week to come.

Our main attractions right now are:

Dabbing Santa – short-sleeve unisex tee

Dabbing santa tee

Dabbing Pug – Xmas version t-Shirt

Dabbing pug t-shirt Xmas verion

I regret nothing Xmas kitty

Find here all popular Xmas gifts

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Cute Christmas ideas for her

Are you looking for cute Christmas ideas for her, well, you’re in luck, Dreams Printer has few gift ideas. Depending on the type of person we list a few below. We’re also preparing our x-mas stash, so, either follow us on social media, visit our blog, and you’ll see the new collection.

We are getting ready to launch our new collection in the second half of November and we will also start our last discounts campaigns for 2020, so stay tuned.

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The best gifts for everyone are on Dreams Printer

Hello internet, Dreams Printer is open for business. We are ready to deliver high quality gifts for everyone. As you can see we’ve started mainly with programming gifts, but we won’t stop here. We already have 3 secondary categories that we’re working on:

We’re going to have a lot of gifts that will cover a lot of categories.

At the moment we can print on a lot of items and I’m going to describe some of them on this blog post. We currently have a lot of designs for t-shirts, and t-shirts are our favorite item for printing.

On the homepage of the site, we have our featured products. Like all products on our site, they are of the best quality. We work with a high quality printer and we make no compromises for the quality of the items we print on.

What we print on

High quality dev t-shirt
Code-blooded t-shirt
Mug of seed, gamer mug
The Mug of speed

Stop Hammertime embroidered hat
javascript – Stop Hammertime embroidered hat
Javascript shorts front
The javascript shorts
Hip-Hip array! Apron for web devs
Hip hip array apron, programmer’s apron
Coded pillow for programmers
Code pillow for really dedicated programmers!

These are the main things we print on, we do have a lot more options, but we are just now learning about the market requests. We welcome all suggestions and expect to interact very much with our customers.

For most of our products we also have discount coupons, so subscribe to our social media channels to see the latest.